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Announced in October last year by the Korean company Nexon - MMORPG Shaya Wars immediately attracted the attention of the players. The fact is that the first MMORPG of the Shaya series was released in Korea back in 2006 and already then managed to collect its own fan base. Then her IP traveled from hand to hand several times, until Nexon returned it again and a little later announced a new project called Shaya Wars.

The game is based on Greek mythology and is being developed by veterans who previously worked on the original Shaya and Mabinogi. It is made in anime style, and the gameplay is more focused on PvP battles. What are the battlegrounds with 100vs100 players.

There are currently 6 classes in the game: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, and Priest and there are already 3 combat zones. Among the key features, one can also single out simplicity (battles here take place with the participation of a simplified interface and with just a few mouse buttons) and the speed with which the game takes place.

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