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Shura King
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Shura King looks like another Diablo clone, but the game is more than that. The developers have created a full-fledged multiplayer project in the Action / MORPG genre. At the moment, we are promised six professions, as well as a flexible skill development system with a pool of 60 skills for each of the characters.

The features of the game include the presence of a 3v3 PvP arena, a built-in 5v5 MOBA mode (in which you cannot use farmed gear and everyone is equal), and a PVE survival mode. And all this in addition to the classic game mode in the open world and clearing dungeons.

The game is created on a modern engine - the fifth (latest) version of Unity. A large number of polygons, high-quality implementation of light and shadow, beautiful effects, and all this with relatively low system requirements. Separately, it is worth noting the physics of objects and the interactive environment that reacts to external influences.

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