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Perfect World has announced a new MMORPG for the PC platform, Shushan Online. The development of the novelty is carried out by Zulong Entertainment, also known as Archosaur Studios.

The most exciting thing about today's announcement is its backstory. The fact is that Shushan Online is based on the achievements of the World of the Jade Dynasty. If you remember, World of Jade Dynasty, planned as one of the locomotive projects, went for a complete overhaul, which was announced in January 2016. The remaining materials (and there were a lot of them - the game was already thoroughly tested) were decided to be used in another project.

The events of the game unfold in the Age of the Three Kingdoms. Shushan Online is a traditional Chinese PvP MMORPG. The developers promise all kinds of confrontations, including battles in the field with the absorption of enemies' souls, cross-server battlefields, travel to enemy territories through portals, and fighting on giant ships.

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