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Silkroad Online (SRO) game overview

Silkroad Online (SRO)
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2005
Game engine Custom
Free to Play

Silkroad Online game review

Once upon a time, the only road trail connecting two parts of Eurasia's great continent was called the Silk Road. Trade caravans travelled along it, bringing with them not only foreign goods but also the culture of distant countries and knowledge of local languages ​​and customs. At the same time, not many merchants dared to pass through it, only those with extraordinary courage, fighting skills and ingenuity, and a considerable number of guards.

Exciting features of the game

Few people ventured to overcome the path alone, hence the dark and mysterious legends, filled with fear of the unknown and respect for those who have passed the whole way. However, today the availability of a PC for almost every person allows to remove many obstacles in the form of extended fees and to earn money. From now on, this journey becomes available to every experienced gamer who wants to explore a previously unexplored path.

The developers have done an excellent job on a program called Silkroad Online. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity not only to walk the entire great Silk Road but also to face, almost in reality, all the difficulties and dangers that the warriors of that time went through. This is facilitated by a careful reconstruction of the situation of ancient cities based on comparison and comparison of legends and stories, documentary evidence and chronicles. The other most exciting features of the online game can be found on the MMOTOP.ORG site.

Player Selection

To start the game, you must first decide on a character. All heroes are divided by nation into Chinese, Europeans, Asians, and many others. After assigning your hero to a specific nation, you can also take care of his class status by selecting one of his six available niches. However, regardless of the number, each nationality has its division. Among Europeans, it will be possible to find magicians and bards, priests and sorcerers, warriors and robbers. On the other hand, the Chinese will present themselves as masters of various disciplines: fire, spear, bow, water or sword.

Features of the choice

In Silkroad Online, everything is arranged in such a way that each of the heroes, depending on their nationality, will be able to resort to the help of the secrets of their people. After all the repetitions, as soon as the player reaches the 20th level, he will be faced with a question - who should he be? That is, he can occupy any class niche he wishes. After that, the player will behave like a merchant, robber or another person but have to join the guild, which has its own bonuses.


Silkroad Online appeared in russia (the terrorist state) in 2009 but gained wide popularity in a fairly short period. This was one of those rare cases when Korean developers went all out, making the game entertaining and very colourful and detailed.

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