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Silkroad Online (SRO) game overview

Silkroad Online (SRO)
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Historical
Release date: January 1, 2006
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Once upon a time, the only road trail connecting two parts of Eurasia's great continent was called the Silk Road. Trade caravans traveled along it, bringing with them not only foreign goods but also the culture of distant countries and knowledge of local languages and customs. At the same time, not many merchants dared to pass through it, only those with extraordinary courage, fighting skills, and ingenuity, and a considerable number of guards.

Silkroad Online, developed by the renowned South Korean studio Joymax, offers players the chance to relive this historic journey. Released in 2005, the game has since captivated a global audience, supporting platforms such as Microsoft Windows. The development process spanned over three years, focusing on the MMO market and aiming to attract players who enjoy historical settings and complex gameplay mechanics. Joymax meticulously crafted the game, ensuring the virtual Silk Road was filled with authentic experiences and challenges reminiscent of ancient times.

Players are presented with a vast and richly detailed world where they can choose characters from various nations, including Chinese, Europeans, and Asians. Each nation boasts unique classes and abilities, allowing players to dive deep into customization. For example, Europeans can become magicians, bards, priests, sorcerers, warriors, or robbers, while Chinese characters can master disciplines like fire, spear, bow, water, or sword. This diversity ensures that no two gameplay experiences are the same.

One of the standout features of Silkroad Online is its careful reconstruction of ancient cities. The developers used legends, stories, documentary evidence, and chronicles to create a realistic environment. By reaching the 20th level, players face a significant decision—choosing their class niche. This choice impacts their role in the game, whether as a merchant, robber, or another character, and requires joining a guild for additional bonuses.

The development of Silkroad Online was a labor of love for Joymax, who wanted to create a game that would appeal to history buffs and MMO enthusiasts alike. They conducted extensive research into the historical Silk Road, ensuring that every detail, from the architecture of the cities to the types of goods traded, was as accurate as possible. This dedication to authenticity has paid off, as the game has maintained a steady player base, with approximately 100,000 daily active users and an annual player count reaching over 36 million. Since its launch, the game has accumulated a player base of over 10 million worldwide, reflecting its lasting appeal and success in the MMO genre.


Silkroad Online is a compelling MMO that excels in historical accuracy and character diversity. The game's detailed reconstruction of the ancient Silk Road and its vibrant, colorful graphics make it a joy to explore. Character customization is robust, offering players a variety of classes and abilities based on their chosen nation. However, the game is not without its flaws. Some players may find the grind to higher levels tedious, and the initial learning curve can be steep for newcomers. Despite these drawbacks, Silkroad Online remains a solid choice for MMO enthusiasts who appreciate historical settings and intricate gameplay. We rate Silkroad Online 65 out of 100, taking into account its popularity and the overall gaming experience it offers.


What platforms is Silkroad Online available on?

Silkroad Online is available on Microsoft Windows.

When was Silkroad Online released?

Silkroad Online was released in 2005.

Who developed Silkroad Online?

Silkroad Online was developed by Joymax.

How many players does Silkroad Online have?

Silkroad Online has approximately 100,000 daily active users and over 10 million players worldwide since its launch.

What are the main features of Silkroad Online?

Silkroad Online features a detailed reconstruction of the ancient Silk Road, diverse character classes based on different nations, and a robust guild system with various bonuses.

Game information last update: 28.04.2024

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