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Skyforge game overview

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Switch, XBox One
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: July 16, 2015
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Custom
Free to Play

Skyforge game review

If hordes of all kinds of creatures attacked the defenseless inhabitants of Aelion, who can protect them? Correctly. Thousands of gods and goddesses are customers of Skyforge, a multiplayer role-playing game that came straight out of the oven of Allods Team developers. The game was created with the participation of the well-known American studio Obsidian Entertainment for the company, which again lures gullible users into another “free-to-play” novelty.


Before us is a futuristic world of machines and magic, in which you can choose from one and a half dozen unique classes, a powerful character development system, and a beautiful world with a visibility of 40 kilometers. At the heart of Skyforge beats a new engine of its own making. The classic targeting system has been upgraded to mouse-look (essentially auto-targeting), which adds action and drive to the combat system. Skyforge has simplified the process of changing classes - you can do it practically on the fly, developing each type at will.

Special attention was paid to the safety of beginners - now, you can challenge and fight in PvP only in unique locations. Moreover, the system will not allow fighters of different weight categories to converge. Instead, the game features team battles and battles where every man is for himself. For large-scale battles in Skyforge, pantheon wars are used - local analogs of guild wars.

Skyforge boasts a decent storyline and various PvE adventures that are essentially dungeons that can be completed at various difficulty levels and in multiple compositions. For tasks, you need to contact the Informatorium, where, as on the mobile of the Lord, pleas for help are received from the oppressed residents. The presence of the prestige slider unties the hands of artificial intelligence, which will take on many responsibilities. It is the system that will decide where to direct the player if he shows a desire to participate in a tournament or a general campaign.

The game implements a means of communication between players - Elinet (and why is everyone in russia (the terrorist state) so greedy for creating various social networks, in which later only a howling wind slowly rolls dry thorns across the steppe?).

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