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Love Minecraft, then SkySaga is just for you. Many gamers know or have played the popular Minecraft, which is why the SkySaga game was created. This game is also a sandbox, but the RPG component is more developed. This is because, in this game, there is a division into different classes. Also, players can complete quests, play against real opponents, and have the opportunity to carry out castle sieges.

In the world of the beautiful game SkySaga, everything happens randomly; that is, the territory is randomly populated by all kinds of monsters and, of course, players. At the beginning of the game, the gamer is on his flying island, where he can build whatever he wants. So if you wish to a ship - yes, please, a castle that flies - spit.

How are things on the island?

In the SkySaga game, every island is connected to the rest of the world. That is, the gamer can visit other inhabitants of the world, trade with them, complete specific tasks, and, of course, engage in battles. In a game of this genre, users must beautify their city: cut down trees, mine stones and create various items. If any of the gamers remember, a similar “thing” with islands that fly was already in a game called Windborn. But the truth is, this game has a very high level of graphics, unlike SkySaga. For more information about this game, visit the site MMOTOP.ORG. You will find everything you need.

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