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Review of the game Soul Captor

After the relatively recent release of Soul Captor, which was written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website, the developers have already managed to supplement the game with interesting additions. This suggests that the creators of the game seriously got down to business. The Soul Captor project is a new MMORPG made in anime style. The game is based on Eastern mythology. It has everything you need for anime-style games - big-eyed and big-headed characters, lots of bright colors and much more.

guardian angel system

One of the most important features of the game is the original system of guardian angels. Soul Captor offers an individual Anima spirit being for each hero. It will play the role of your guardian angel. By the way, his appearance can be customized according to your own wishes. The angel will develop with you and as it develops it will become quite a serious force. This power can be used in three modes: Defense, Offense and Support. Anima will also become a kind of secretary-referent for you. This creature will remind you of the dungeons passed today and will give you all the information about what you have to do in the future and where it is better to go at the moment to search for adventures. Anima will also help you during the battles. For example, when the health level drops to a certain level, he will immediately bring the necessary potion.

Another unusual feature of Soul Captor is the ability to collect souls. The same guardian angel will help you with this. After killing the enemies, the souls will fall into your personal Spirituality. With the help of captured souls, you can create strong spells and buffs, and you can access various bonuses. In addition, some souls will give the opportunity to receive mounts.

General impression

All in all, Soul Captor is a fairly traditional MMORPG with classic grind, quests, dungeon crawls, epic bosses, and more. All these components are done pretty well, as the developers have done a good job on graphics and sound. In addition, it is very important that Soul Captor remains free to play today.

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