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Soul Master is a fun mixture of MMORTS and MMORPG, where players are given the opportunity to simultaneously control characters and squads of minions that follow the heroes everywhere. The game is far from Kingdom Under Fire 2 and its exciting battles, but it looks about the same: the main character has a subordinate squad that, in difficult times, can always cover from a sudden wipe in a battle with a raid boss or another player.

The assistants themselves in the Soul Master are not from an empty place to the world at all. For their production, special buildings are required, and for the protection of buildings, in turn, defensive structures are required, which also require resources. So it turns out that every player in Soul Master, willy-nilly, needs to maintain a full-fledged base that can be raided.

In addition to the PvP component, the project offers a wide range of PvE events: these are cooperative missions, boss raids, escort missions, as well as tower defense scenarios. Everything is seasoned and baked in an anime wrapper with high doses of kawaii. Therefore, it turns out that even brutal battles in the game look like pillow fights.

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