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Soul of the Ultimate Nation
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Soul of the Ultimate Nation game review

If you have missed the exciting PvP mode and want to appear again as a pretentious warrior with shining armor, then the Sun Online project will be an excellent option. This game was created by Ingamba studio. The game is a shareware MMO. You can learn more about it on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game features

Sun Online is a reasonably traditional MMORPG with typical graphics and exciting features that distinguish it from many other games in this genre. As for the plot, it is nothing out of the ordinary. Instead, the game tells about the rebels' struggle with the insidious emperor Schwartz Gramma, although in online games, the plot plays a secondary role rather than the main one.


The first feature of the Sun Online project is the presence of original characters. Of course, traditional berserkers here use close combat for battles. Other characters are more exciting and unusual, for example, Shadow in the night. This is a silent and invisible warrior, distinguished by the grace of a cat. If honor plays a vital role, you should choose a Dragon Knight who values ​​​​integrity above all else. For fans of all kinds of magicians, you can advise a sorceress who is fluent in the classic fireball and many other spells. A more original female character is the Valkyrie, the eternal enemy of all Dragons, who uses the spirits of nature and well-aimed crossbows in battles.

The created hero immediately receives the whole range of valuable items. At the same time, he gains experience at a double rate up to level 70. Therefore, for those who like to gain experience quickly, Sun Online will be a great option. Each character has active and passive skills familiar to all character classes. Functional skills are individual for each category and are divided into two areas. For example, in the Dragon Knight, the first branch is represented by various actions in human form, and the second is represented by skills when transforming into a dragon. The Valkyrie also has one unit, which includes activities on the bole field, and the second branch, the call of combat assistants.

Gear and equipment

Sun Online offers a wide range of different equipment and equipment. For example, there are more than 30 sets of armor for each hero alone. At the same time, there is no crafting in the game. Specially trained NPCs handle them. This allows players not to be distracted by all sorts of trifles and to focus directly on PvP battles. After level 40, you can start killing other characters. For each kill, you get a bonus from dropped equipment. All this makes the fights much more poignant and vital, so you can see many accusatory posts on the forum against those who like to kill characters.


In addition to the traditional locations for PvP battles (Cursed Temple for 70 heroes and so on), Sun Online also has 15 maps for territory battles. They mostly take place in a 20v20 format, and the winning guilds will receive bonuses by increasing the characteristics of their heroes.


Thus, we can state that Sun Online has a lot in common with the well-known game Lineage II, which is also focused on PvP mode. Therefore, if you want real hardcore and exciting battles, then you need to visit the official website of Sun Online, register, and enjoy the game.

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