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Soul Order Online
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Review of the game Soul Order Online

If you imagine World of Warcraft as a big tree, then Soul Order Online against this background looks like a small tree made by Koreans blindfolded, and even practically for free. Indeed, Soul Order Online is a rather clumsy clone of the famous project, made in the style of a multiplayer RPG. More information about this game can be found on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game Features

The game has a lot in common with WoW, but at the same time all its elements are made at a much lower level. The game plot is based on the confrontation between two major factions: the Land of Darkness and the Land of Glory. At the same time, only five classes are offered in Soul Order Online, among which there are a warrior, a wizard, a hunter, an assassin and a bard. As for quests, they are much more primitive and simpler than in WoW. You are invited to either bring something somewhere, or simply destroy the crowds of stupid mobs that are dutifully waiting for their death. Those who are tired of battles with computer characters can take part in PvP mode. However, this mode becomes available only for certain zones and does not make any sense at all. That is, here you will not receive any bonuses or benefits.


All game action is made in an overly bright and colorful style without any sense of proportion. It looks as if the developers of Soul Order Online saw a black and white version of the world before, and now they decided to compensate for this oversight by saturating the game with a lot of colors. As a result, after an hour of playing, your eyes may just hurt. Thus, playing Soul Order Online is dangerous not only for the psyche, but also for health in general. However, it may be that the creation of such a game was the goal of the authors of the project.

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