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Soul Worker Mobile is a mobile spin-off to the original Soul Worker game from LionGames, which is essentially the same "corridor" anime MMORPG, only in a smaller version. The project has been developed for more than one year for Android and IOS platforms.

Of the classes in the game, at the moment, only three are available. This is a girl with a scythe, a girl with a two-handed sword and a genius (playboy, philanthropist), an 18-year-old high school student, a guy with two pistols. In the future, the set of heroes is planned to be expanded, as well as the customization options, which still leave much to be desired. The game is controlled using a joystick on the left side of the screen and skill and attack buttons on the right. In total, four main and four additional skills can be used. All skills are taken from the original version and are unique for each class.

In general, given the wild popularity of the game in Asian countries, the mobile version will only improve online performance, and also allow more people to get acquainted with the anime universe. In the West, the game is also likely to be released, but it will obviously not happen this year, since the Western PC version of Soul Worker from the publisher Gameforge is still in the translation stage.

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