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Space Heroes Universe
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Overview of the game Space Heroes Universe

We bring to your attention a game that adult gamers can offer their little descendants of the family. The game is called Space Heroes Universe, and is an improved model of MMORPG Little Space Heroes.

Story line

The plot line is extremely simple - the player is invited to become a space wanderer and fight to the death with the great and terrible lord of evil Shadowbot. First, the young hero will be asked to choose their gender, also race, the craziest hair color. And then, they will give a backpack equipped with all sorts of super powers, and then they will give a blaster that shoots bubbles, and even their own small but cozy ship wandering through outer space.

The game starts with a few introductory quests. Then, it will be necessary to overcome various arcade puzzles, where a child, well, or an adult is invited to think about their steps, develop, and grow wiser. Various mini-games will help the little gamer to accumulate the first money in his life, albeit virtual. Moreover, studying the map will also help the young genius to get coins. I would also like to note one interesting feature of the game, very subtle, sensitive, so necessary for children. The whole game of the kid is accompanied by a friend, an alien species, but very devoted, he will brighten up the company of an inexperienced gamer and will not leave him alone.

Out of the game

The game can be bought, then various options will be available to your child. However, take your time. It makes sense to purchase the game if your child is interested in it. And the free game offers enough features and perks. For example, light up with a girlfriend on the dance floor. Follow similar games on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

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