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Review of the game Sphere: Rebirth

This project is rightly called a trial balloon, which was launched by domestic computer game manufacturers who decided to try their hand at the MMORPG genre. The game Sphere was created quite quickly, as the developers understood that if they did not enter the market in the near future, then there would be nothing to do in the MMORPG genre at all and it would be quite difficult to lure players away from World of Warcraft. You can learn more about the game Sphere: Rebirth on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

The plot of the game

The game plot, as for games of this genre, looks very interesting and thoughtful. Events originate in the days of Ancient India, when the estates of monks developed a mantra with which it was possible to create new worlds. However, this mantra was too difficult to memorize. Therefore, it was decided to write it down on a scroll, which the monks soon lost. Subsequently, the scroll was found by the Greek philosopher Theophilus. He managed to transport the scroll to Constantinople, telling everyone that the scroll contained a translation of the Holy Scriptures. Later, the crusaders attacked Constantinople and took the scroll, handing it over to the Pope. A few decades later, the Pope fled to France, where the relic remained. Subsequently, she was found by a French monk who was escaping from execution and, with the help of a mythical manta, created a kind of world of suffering called "Dukhaloku". Further along the story, players are told that the virtual world Sphere: Rebirth can only exist through their computers.

The world has to be saved, starting from a strange school, where brother Baptiste immediately orders to kill the skeleton, and then gives a special healing powder. In the end, anyway, you are expelled from this school to a city called Sunpool.

Almost all beginners, as well as those who like to hunt them, are in this city. However, death in this game does not bring anything too bad. The place where you will be reborn depends heavily on karma. The better your karma, the more peaceful the place of rebirth will be and the more things and money you will have left. If the karma is very bad, then you can appear on the strange mainland Charon, from which you can only get out by destroying many monsters.

Gameplay Features

By the way, Charon is not suitable for fans of the PvP mode, as they will strive to fight for castles. It is the siege of castles that is a key feature of the gameplay of Sphere: Rebirth. Having captured the castle, you get a lot of bonuses to the parameters of your heroes. At the same time, the treasury is replenished with many rare valuables. In addition, anyone who passes through the castle grounds is forced to pay a tax to the owner. The role-playing system practically does not include characters pumped in only one direction. The most tenacious here are combined heroes, various half-mages and half-warriors.


If you are still in doubt whether to start playing Sphere: Rebirth or not, then the unequivocal answer is yes. The game features a great deep storyline and exciting PvP battles. Therefore, the popularity of this game in our country is guaranteed, because we are very fond of high-quality PvP.

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