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Spirit Tales
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Overview of the game Spirit Tales

Spirit Tales is another animated MMORPG made in a cartoon style. All this suggests that all the characters here will have large heads and eyes, the dimensions of which are much larger than the size of the torso. However, for fans of the genre, this appearance of the characters is commonplace. Moreover, these heroes perfectly fulfill their direct duties, namely, they are engaged in exploring the world, destroying monsters and completing quest tasks. Basically, Spirit Tales looks like a typical anime style MMO. Similar games have already been described more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. They are characterized by a minimum of violent scenes and a maximum of cuteness.

Distinctive features

Spirit Tales differs from other games made in this vein by the existence of special guild islands, through which you can access the new buff system and various exclusive content. In addition, the project offers a system of marriages, through which you can develop various unique family abilities that can be successfully used in both PvE and PvP modes. The pet system in Spirit Tales also deserves special attention. It allows you to tame almost any monsters that are present in the game. Bosses are no exception. Most of the gameplay in Spirit Tales is spent traveling through instanced dungeons. The rest of the time is devoted to battles in PvP mode. They are held in various arenas specially adapted for this purpose. Up to 5 people from each side can take part in them.

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