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Star Citizen is a multi-module space MMO that offers players the richest functionality a game can have.


"I don't want to build a game. I want to build a universe" is the ultimate dream of Chris Roberts, founder of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and creator of the most promising space MMO of this century, Star Citizen. The project was announced in 2012 and, at the moment, has not left the alpha stage. During this time, many modules (separate parts of the game) have been created, many features have been announced, and many CitizenCons have been held. So what's so new about it?

Star Citizen features

Firstly, Cloud Imperium Games are the only ones that managed to reproduce the universe, at least partially as it is in terms of scale. The size of the planets and the distance between them is fantastic. Given that each can host procedurally generated cities, flora, and fauna and that each can be explored even on foot, I want to wait for the game even more.

Star Citizen Modules

Of course, this is not the only feature of the project. For the convenience of development, it was decided to develop Star Citizen in parts through modules. For example, the module described above is called Crusader, but there are four so far: Angar, Arena Commander, and Star Marine.

Angar allows real-time customization of appearance, weapons, and control of a spaceship in enclosed spaces. Arena Commander is a follow-on module to Angar that turns the game into a space combat simulator where users must fight in PvP or against bots. Arcade is not promised here since many aspects are taken into account for the flight, such as the car's mass, the position in zero gravity, the thrust of the engines, sincerity, and visual accuracy.

After the commander came the part of Star Marine, where gamers can capture and hold the object and team battles in the first person. Matches in this module last no more than ten minutes and also lack an arcade. The players here are affected by the level of armor and stamina, the loss of which must be determined by the character's breathing and even the weapon's position. As for graphics, the project initially used Cry Engine 3, but then it was decided to transfer the game to the Amazon Lumberyard, a modification of the Cry Engine, and produced an even more impressive picture.


Overall, along with other claims from the developers, such as numerous locations, a vast number of professions, weapons, and pumping, Star Citizen looks "intimidating" to its competitors since there has never been such a game in the video game industry.

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