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Star Conflict game overview

Star Conflict
Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC
Game genre: Action MMO
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: February 27, 2013
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Custom
Gaijin Entertainment
Free to Play

Overview of the game Star Conflict

In the far, far future, wars have torn apart the planet. It was difficult to distinguish friends from enemies. Danger threatened from everywhere. To protect themselves from extermination, the population of the Earth was divided into clans. An internecine war began. Only mysterious artifacts can stop the fight. These are Forerunner artifacts. They are scattered throughout different solar systems. Clan leaders recruit corrupt, greedy, and cruel mercenaries in search of the coveted trophy. And the bloody battle begins. This is the plot of the new game developed by Gaijin Entertainment.

Game Features

Gaijin Entertainment offers a game that is essentially a space version of War Thunder's flight simulator. Fans of the space combat saga like EVE Online will be able to surf the expanses of the universe even more time, crushing the enemy and sweeping everything around. Users will be pleased with the absence of the need for a long and tedious pumping of cargo transportation. The large hangar will house dozens of airships. The choice of aircraft will be extensive: from fast, small and agile interceptors to giant dreadnoughts. To have such a ship in your hangar, you must work hard and become an authoritative clan. They are available only to them.

However, in Star Conflict, game masters can maintain a whole regiment of spaceships. The game contains three groups and three subgroups. Each has its own set of ships. The developers were not too lazy and diversified each ship, regardless of its type, with various modifications. For real fans, there is an opportunity to create their own "build."

Prospects for the development of the game

Taking care of the players, Gaijin Entertainment plans to introduce a new spacecraft repair system. Tuning ships will require much more time to recover. Sometimes, a mighty dreadnought after bloody battles will need a couple of days to recover fully. So the head of the clan will still think about whether to use his flagship in battle. Star Conflict will allow you to replace equipment right in the battle! You can feel superman transferring from one spaceship to another.

But the booty will have to be divided into sixteen players. But for smaller squadrons, the developers plan to use smaller maps. During the game, there is also a leveling of the hero. It all depends on the time spent in the game: the longer you play, the more accurate you shoot, and the faster you fly.

We get excellent space action by adding implants and beyond the specialization of ships. It remains believed that it will last longer than its fellow Black Prophecy. Site mmotop gladly introduced you to this game.

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