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Star Race is one of the few browser projects that offers the player dynamic battles and full control over the troops. The game is presented as a space arcade game with a living economy and an open world, and the action takes place in an alternate universe and our solar system.

According to the story, robots enslaved the earth and forced people to flee to other planets. The rebellious machines formed the "Zandroids" faction and began to destroy the human race throughout the solar system. However, the common enemy did not force people to unite, and they settled in parts on different planets and moons, now and then attacking each other.

The beginning of the game is promising, you are a refugee in the orbit of Jupiter, where the largest part of the remnants of humanity is located. Since you have a complete vacuum in your pockets, at first you will have to perform reconnaissance missions and destroy AI-controlled bots in real time. Even at the initial stage of the game, you will notice how dynamic it is and makes you use almost all available keys on the keyboard. The control of the space ship is direct, that is, in battle you will have the opportunity to maneuver avoiding explosions and lasers. The process is very spectacular, which indicates that the game belongs to the arcade genre.

In addition to space battles, Star Race offers the player an equally interesting trading opportunity. Almost every planet, moon, and even asteroid has its own base that can be visited on a trade visit. The prices here are formed by the players, and before loading any implants with fungus meat on the ship, you need to carefully study the prices, you might suddenly be able to grab a cheaper piece.

In general, the developers of the space arcade can be applauded, they managed to create a really promising project, with a lot of game content, crafting opportunities, a pleasant soundtrack, good graphics and a good social component in the form of various factions, alliances, guilds and much more. It is not surprising that more than two hundred thousand players already play the game.

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