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Star Sonata 2
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Review of the game Star Sonata 2

Star Sonata 2 is an unusual American project, made in the form of a two-dimensional space-based MMORPG. The client of this game takes only 50 mb, which already says a lot. It is clear that with such a weight of the game, there is no need to talk about any graphics - it is simply absent. At the same time, the gameplay pleases with its variety and freedom of choice. It is the freedom of choice, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, that plays the main role here. In Star Sonata 2, you will have the opportunity to become both a militant pirate and a successful space entrepreneur.

Game world

The game world of Star Sonata 2 is also quite diverse and interesting. It includes many thousands of various planets and asteroids, on each of which you can conduct research and mine resources. By the way, the whole gameplay is based on the extraction of various resources. An important role is also occupied by the robbery of miners, which is one of the varieties of piracy. There are quite a few classes of spaceships in Star Sonata 2: cargo ships, capital ships, light and heavy interceptor fighters, fast frigates, and powerful cruisers. It is clear that each of these ships can be equipped with various types of weapons, of which there are also many. To date, the game offers more than three hundred varieties of weapons for spaceships.

Hero Development

To develop the hero, the creators of Star Sonata 2 took a fairly standard system, limited to reaching the twentieth level. After the maximum pumping, you get access to the construction of not only spaceships, but also real star bases. In addition, you will have the opportunity to lay trade routes and engage in the settlement of colonial planets. That is, there is really something to do in Star Sonata 2. The game will especially appeal to people with a good imagination, who will not find fault with the quality of the picture too much.

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