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Review of Star Trek Online

The history of the creation of Star Trek Online is considered one of the most thorny and complex. First, there was the bankruptcy of Perpetual Entertainment, resulting in Cryptic Studios taking over the project. After that, a crisis arose, and this studio had to start looking for additional funds found in Atari. Despite this, the game could not be fully completed on time, so in 2010, when the release took place, the project was still damp.

However, despite this, many fans of this genre wanted to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of this legendary game. As a result, the creators quickly adjusted the situation, and today, everyone can play the modified release of Star Trek Online, which does not have critical bugs and server errors.

Gameplay Features

The main advantage of the gameplay is the most detailed graphics, which are specially designed for the appearance of the characters. The game's uniqueness lies in the player's ability to make anyone out of his character, from a tiny dwarf to a buxom blonde. Here you can change clothes, shoes and facial features.

The initial stage of Star Trek Online provides a short tutorial mission, after which the player will need to complete the first task. It consists in protecting the Federation ship, which enemies boarded. In this mission, the gamer can thoroughly learn how to control a spaceship or perform ground tasks. Those who want to know all the secrets of the ship's weaponry in Star Trek Online can visit the MMOTOP.ORG website.


When playing Star Trek Online, you will immediately understand that its creators have seriously worked on the game universe. There are no inaccuracies here compared to the series or the recently released feature film. The plot begins in such a way that the main character immediately faces a lot of trouble. For example, the Borg, Romulans, and Klingons rebelled against Federation forces. The player must fight these enemies while completing quests and solving cosmic riddles. He also needs to find traitors and save the universe by any other means.

All fans of the classic story will surely be pleased with the famous characters and events. Particular attention is drawn to the mission in which the player will have to go into the past and help the legendary Enterprise in the battle with enemies.

Character Development

The main goal of the game is to develop a character, as a result of which he will be able to grow from an ordinary lieutenant to a vice admiral. As prizes for promotion, the player will receive chips, with which it will be possible to purchase higher-class ships.

Receiving assignments will be carried out at military space bases. The player will receive experience, courage, and various loans for their implementation. In addition, it will be possible to get all sorts of valuable items, recruit people to your team, and train them. The player will also be able to engage in trade or other activities. After receiving a new rank, you can brother a new, more powerful ship.

In Star Trek Online, you can choose between three types of characters and ships. These may be officers on warships, engineers on cruisers, or scientists on scientific starships. Accordingly, the military relies on weapons. Scientists can help their team members and weaken the enemy due to their skills. Engineers build turrets and can repair ships.

Game skills

The game Star Trek Online provides a lot of skills, which are mainly intended for the leading group of officers who manage the ship and participate in land missions or boarding. Standard employees can be recruited at the base, while more qualified personnel will have to pay money or perform complex tasks.

Your character has its levels of development. With each new rank, you will receive new skills and class opportunities. They can be used to upgrade the ship, improve its weapons, or land missions. At the same time, making the most versatile character may not be possible, so you will need to choose the direction of development thoughtfully.

Team interaction

An essential point of Star Trek Online is team interaction, which provides a specific role for each class of ship. For example, slower engineer cruisers soak up the main DPS with enhanced force fields, and scientists weaken enemies as much as possible. Then the officers come into play, who are the main striking force. Thanks to this interaction, the player can choose his strategy.

All in all, Star Trek Online is a great casual project that people who can spend more than 5 hours a day on it will like, although other players will surely like it.

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