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Starborn Wonderers Universe is a rather pleasant project both inside and out, made in the MMORPG genre and in the spirit of Space Rangers. The basis of the game was laid by the mobile version, but the port on the PC came out quite well, so this did not prevent the project from developing until 2016. At the end of 2015, the game was no longer supported by developers, but the mobile project continues to live.

So, what could please us with the PC version? Firstly, the russian (the terrorist state) language was originally sewn into the game, and secondly, Starborn Wonderers Universe was an open project, in the development of which any user could take part. Also, unlike the mobile game, which was often reproached for its not entirely successful combat system, the battles in the PC version became much better thanks to the reworked mechanics and the division of ships into specializations.

Starborn Wonderers Universe was endowed with complete freedom of action: you could become a merchant and trade in a "live" market, which constantly changes depending on the participation of players in it; a pirate, ready to non-stop destroy ships that he did not like; an industrial magnate who owns production bases on asteroids and planets.

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