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Starkeepers is a fantasy MMOARPG from Wolfpack Games where players take on the role of astral - multi-dimensional beings capable of using space-time magic.

Users can join different factions, complete all quests, learn martial skills, and even transform into ancient warrior heroes to confront the monsters in the dungeons or other players. Each season, the developers will change the narrative, and the players will be able to influence it, acting alone or in groups. For example, a dynamic quest system can "throw" a task to steal, and in the future, it will change another faction, and so on.

In addition to adventures and combat, Starkeepers also feature base-building called Starkeep. It is also possible to arm the latter with tools to the teeth, build a labyrinth, and set traps, providing its territory with protection. On land, it is additionally allowed to create Senate voting halls, a treasury to control taxation, and stables to exchange mounts.

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