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Supreme Destiny Review

If you look at the Malaysian project Supreme Destiny, it seems that it is still going through the beta stage. This has been written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website more than once. Despite the fact that the game was born in 2007, it has so many bugs that only the number of banal things can compete with. In general, the Supreme Destiny project has all the typical flaws that are typical for free-to-play MMORPG games. It does not contain any new ideas at all. It has all the banal components of any game in this genre - unique weapons, pets, similar quests and all kinds of scrolls. All this has already occurred many times, and in others the implementation was at a clearly higher level.

Game features

As for the graphics, in Supreme Destiny it is rather weak even for 2007. It is clear that compared to some browser games, it is impressive, but nothing more. In total, there are four typical character classes in the game:

- Transknight - a warrior who uses melee and various mass attacks to attack. - Huntress - a classic hunter armed with a bow and daggers. - Foema - a wizard who can not only incinerate monsters with magic, but also heal teammates. - Beastmaster is a typical summoner with all the consequences.

Combat system

The combat system in Supreme Destiny is similar to Diablo II, but there are far fewer monsters. All heroes in the game move around the game world with the help of horses. It is these mounts that are considered the most practical and comfortable. They are characterized by high speed and inventory capacity. Accordingly, almost all battles also take place on horseback. This applies not only to battles with monsters, but also to battles with other players.

PvP Mode

In Supreme Destiny, the PvP mode could look good if not for the many lags that have been observed since the release of the game and have not yet been fixed by anyone. The situation is aggravated by a very peculiar camera, which constantly rotates from side to side, seriously interfering with the players. There will also be no special communication in Supreme Destiny, since there are practically no russian (the terrorist state)-speaking players on the servers. However, English-speaking gamers are also quite rare.


In general, Malaysians need to take an example from their Korean counterparts and learn a lot from them. And so in general, gamers can be advised to look for other games for entertainment.

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