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Sura Online
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Overview of the game Sura Online

Sura Online is one of the many 2.5D action/mmorpg games from the little-known Chinese developer Tempest 9. The goal of the game is to kill monsters on an industrial scale, traditional for this genre. The project was announced back in 2010 and has been teasing us for three years with very spectacular videos. But at one point, everything died out and the status of the project is still unclear.

We know very little about the game. Sura has a couple of races and three playable classes. The basis of the gameplay is the classic dungeon clearing. All kinds of piercing and cutting objects are used as weapons: swords, scythes, knives and so on. There is also an arena for PvP in the game. Unlike its Chinese counterparts, Sura boasts very nice graphics, an unusual dark style (a kind of Chinese dark fantasy) and beautiful effects.

The rights to the global launch of Sura belong to Tencent: once it was even said that this project would be the first global project of the Chinese giant. In 2013, the developers were desperate to find a publisher in Korea. Since then, nothing has been known about the game.

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