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Survive the Nights
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Overview of the game Survive the Nights

Survive the Nights is an unusual simulation of the post-apocalyptic zombie world, where the main goal is survival. At the same time, the entire gameplay is distinguished by realism. The main question here is how many nights the player can last. Indeed, it is at night that the most interesting begins. At this time of day, zombies begin a real hunt for people who can only hide in their homes and desperately shoot back, using the last bullets.

game realism

As in any survival project, in Survive the Nights you will have to shake over every tin can found or selected. At the same time, the degree of realism is at a much higher level than in many games of the genre. Indeed, in many simulators you manage to instantly build real barricades and build powerful fortresses, tearing out kilometer-long ditches around it with an ordinary shovel. In Survive the Nights, everything is much more serious. To make a fortress out of a house, you will need to regularly work on this, namely, transport boards, clog windows with them, place mines and stretch marks everywhere. In addition, to create weapons, you will have to use all available means, such as rusty lead pipes or simple bolts.

In addition, there are few working devices in Survive the Night, so you will have to assemble everything yourself. For example, to assemble electronic generators, you will have to disassemble more than one refrigerator. At the same time, an air compressor can be obtained from the generator itself during parsing. The situation is approximately the same with other benefits of civilization, for example, with cars.

Gameplay Features

Despite the fact that in many respects the game is close to tower defense, it differs significantly from representatives of this genre. In Survive the Nights, you will not be able to stay at home and shoot back all the time. And not only the cartridges will run out, but also the food. In order to prevent this from happening, you will have to go out in search of new opportunities in the world around you. At the same time, you won’t be able to walk through the forests and fields for a long time. This is due to the fact that the virtual region of Survive the Nights belongs to a cold climate zone, so being outside for a long time simply does not work out. You will have to carefully monitor the temperature of the hero's body, as well as the state of hunger. In order to keep warm, the characters can kindle fires. However, any experienced gamer knows that campfires always attract a lot of trouble.

Game world

The game world in Survive the Nights is characterized by its large size and island structure. As the project develops, the creators will gradually add new islands to the game and increase the server capacity at the same time. To explore the world and travel between the islands, you will need to find a boat and put it in order. Then you can take a chance and go to the island to your neighbors.


The downside of the game is the graphics. But expect better graphics from a project that only asked for £12 during Kickstarter. However, the graphics do not detract from all the advantages of the game. In the end, for lovers of a beautiful picture, there are Warface, Crysis and Battlefield. In this game, a unique gameplay is much more important, where you can put a mousetrap and eat a captured rat so as not to starve to death in a post-apocalyptic world.

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