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Sword of Shadows
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Sword of Shadows or Sword of Shadows is a MMORPG for mobile devices dedicated to oriental martial arts in the Age of Wushu universe. The players here have to travel back to the time of the Ming Dynasty in China and prove to everyone that they are the best warriors.

Among the features of the project are: the ability to fly with the help of wings in open spaces, air and ground battles, a combat system with parries and evasions, the absence of classes, instead of them there are so-called schools, of which there are five in the game, the presence of guilds, the ability to play in a group, many dungeons, quests, PvP arenas, as well as a proprietary game engine from Snail Games called Flexi Engine, which provides nice graphics.

In general, Sword of Shadows is in no way inferior to other mobile MMORPGs, and maybe even surpasses them in some ways. The only disadvantage of her is the impossibility of playing from russia (the terrorist state), but when was this a problem for us, right?

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