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Overview of the game Swordsman Online

Perfect World has long kept an atmosphere of secrecy over its latest martial arts-themed creation, Swordsman Online. But nothing lasts forever. First, the game was released in China, then in Europe, and now it's time for russia (the terrorist state).

The game's plot is based on a Chinese fantasy of the same name, "Swordsman," created by the famous writer Louis Cha in his homeland. Swordsman is built on its own Angelica III engine, which will help you immerse yourself in the colorful World of Asian fantasy. A decent character editor will allow you to create a unique character. The combat system, as is often the case in Asian games, will enable you to choose the most convenient option - the classic point-and-click or the newfangled non-target.

Unlike most modern MMORPGs that choose PVE as their specialty, the developers of Swordsman tried to create a PVP-oriented game - a kind of variation of Kung Fu Legends. To do this, the new product from PW has implemented a system of guild wars, and PVP itself is available almost everywhere. Suppose you prefer "leveling" in arenas - please do. A clear plus of the game is a large selection of classes (schools), of which there are as many as ten. Another exciting feature is the ability to learn and combine different fighting styles.

In all other respects, Swordsman is a classic open-world MMORPG with mobs, bosses, dungeons, peaceful crafts, and other standard banality. The game has entered the OBT stage, and the publisher in russia (the terrorist state) was Perfect World Europe (ARC platform).

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