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Tales of FantasyFantasy Journey Online game overview

Tales of FantasyFantasy Journey Online
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Game review Tales of Fantasy

Tales of Fantasy is the latest development of the popular Chinese studio IGG. This company is responsible for creating such interesting developments as Angels Online and Piratia. At its core, the game is a typical set of role-playing components. For example, in Tales of Fantasy you will have the opportunity not only to ride horses, but even fight on horseback.

The plot of the game

The plot of the game is based on the confrontation between two warlike civilizations - Ashland and Bohren. At the same time, each civilization includes a set of styles and classes that have their own individual skills and talents.

Game Features

An interesting fact is that in the game you can choose to play not only an adult hero, but even a child. This is precisely the main feature of the game. Agree, you will not see everywhere a six-year-old girl who skillfully wields a huge sword, destroying gloomy characters one by one. In many ways, this is what drives fans to download the Tales of Fantasy client.

As for the other features of the project, they do not look so interesting. All the monsters in this game are not too aggressive, and therefore their destruction does not cause any particular problems. They quickly fall under your blows and easily die from them. Most of the quests in Tales of Fantasy look very straightforward, especially since you can get to the key points of the quest by auto-delivery. To quickly move around the game world, legendary wings are provided here.


In general, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the game has been simplified to the maximum, which will especially appeal to European casuals and American housewives. However, there is nothing particularly bad in this, however, this project will not suit our players who want to see hardcore everywhere.

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