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Tales of Pirates 2 is a sequel to the well-known Pirate project, which was previously written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Recall that Piratia was closed in the fall of 2012. In fact, the creators of Tales of Pirates 2 practically did not change anything. However, some changes compared to the "Pirate" still followed.


First of all, the developers slightly improved the graphics, making it more presentable. In addition, the events of the game have now migrated to the heyday of the Vikings. True, pirates and pirates have not changed much from this - they are still distinguished by short stature and kawaii. Perhaps the most interesting innovation is the ability to arrange fights in bars. As soon as your hero enters a bar or pub, he will automatically have the option to challenge to a duel. That is, in fact, you can clean the face of any visitor to the establishment. Also, it is impossible not to note the larger-scale naval battles than in Piratia. In Tales of Pirates 2, several hundred ships can take part in battles at sea, which made the game more spectacular. The last significant innovation to focus on is the Infamous Mazes. These are huge interesting labyrinths in which it is easy to get confused. They only open for a few hours daily. Here you can not only find treasures, but also meet formidable monsters or fall into a trap.


Thus, the developers managed to eliminate the main drawback of Piratia in the form of poor content. Therefore, it remains to be hoped that they will not stop there and will develop Tales of Pirates 2 further.

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