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Tales of Wind is an anime free-to-play MMORPG from China, also known as Laplace M. Previously, the game was only available on iOS and Android, but since January 2, 2020, it has a PC version.

The project offers four base classes with two specializations each, a level 50 cap, PvP, quests, a variety of content like collecting cards, dungeons, professions, farming and much more. Combat in the game is non-target with less emphasis on automation. In other words, the player will have to do most of the actions himself, otherwise death is inevitable.

The developers also focused on the social component as in the classics. Users must independently assemble a group in the search chat, select them by HS, skills and other things, constantly communicate. But if there are not enough players, or the search is delayed, you can always hire an NPC after a certain time from the start of the collection.

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