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Talisman Online
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Overview of the game Talisman Online

Talisman Online has a lot in common with World of Warcraft. Of course, this applies not only to this project, but to most games in this genre. This is due to the diversity and scale of the world of Azeroth. Of course, there is nothing too bad about it. All the features of Talisman Online can be found on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game features

Talisman Online, unlike the well-known hit, is closer to the Far Eastern style. In addition, the game has a fairly developed social component. The game provides not only the possibility of free battles in PVP mode, but also in PK mode. However, the most significant difference can be considered the presence of an isometric view, which, of course, can scare away many gamers. However, in fact, Talisman looks quite interesting and attractive. In addition, the locations are filled with various objects. That is, everything here is much more interesting than in many three-dimensional games, for example, RF Online.

Development system

The main development option, as in World of Warcraft, is to complete various quests. In addition, you can additionally develop one of the selected specialties. For example, you can develop the ability to brew a potion or produce runes. In Talisman Online, a weapon is not only a means of combat, but also an individual talisman. That's where the name of the game comes from. New skills here open only when the player increases the level of his weapon. For this purpose, the energy of defeated opponents is accumulated. In addition to weapons, there are two more types of talismans in Talisman Online that belong to the jewelry category.

To reduce the leveling time, an automatic quest transition system was developed in the game. True, here you will need to look so that you are not killed by strong monsters along the way. To date, there are quite a few domestic players on the servers of the game, therefore, you may not be able to participate in a raid on some major boss.

Game classes

There are five main classes in Talisman Online, which is quite enough. The game has a classic tank with powerful armor, a hunter with a well-aimed bow. In addition, you can play as an assassin, deftly wielding poisoned blades. There are two magical characters in the game: the actual magician, who uses swords instead of a staff, and a sorceress who fights with fireballs. In general, everything is traditional and understandable.


In general, the game is practically devoid of cons. Of the shortcomings, one can single out perhaps too large emoticons in chats that interfere with viewing the text. In addition, the interesting PC system is embarrassing, which does not make it possible to launder on mobs. Therefore, sometimes it will be necessary to sit in ambush for a long time so that you are not noticed.

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