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Overview of Tantra Online

According to many gamers, Koreans have created a small virtual world for themselves, in which there are many unreal universes. At the same time, most of these virtual universes are unknown to anyone outside the Korean peninsula. This applies primarily to the so-called second-tier games, which are not direct competitors for the leaders of the genre. It is these projects that are designed primarily for desperate Asian gamers. One such game is Tantra Online, which can be read about on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

To date, this online game has become widespread only in three states: South Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia. Therefore, it is not recommended to visit the official website without knowing Korean. The only way out will be the Philippine section of the site, where the information is presented in English.

Game features

When you get to know the game better, you will understand that it has nothing to do with the Kama Sutra, as the name might suggest. At the same time, the Indian theme is still present here. The Koreans decided to take the players to the magical land of India, where three powerful gods fight among themselves. Here the inhabitants tell each other mantras and open the chakras. Instead of traditional guilds, they unite in ashrams. Warriors use sharpened zakukans as weapons.

game plot

The plot was based on the opposition of three divine creatures, which are known to everyone from Indian mythology. This is the god of destruction Shiva, the god of creation Brahma and the god of all living beings Vishnu. Despite such an exquisite plot, the creators of Tantra Online took everyone in the role of raid bosses, including Batman, Chucky, Medusa and even Godzilla.

Game principle

To develop your character, you need to kill all kinds of monsters, for which the heroes will receive prana. With its help, the muscular, heart, mental and nervous chakra will be pumped. All this looks very specific, but upon closer examination, there is a clear analogy with traditional games in this genre. Other aspects of the game have a lot in common with traditional Korean MMORPGs, which are very similar to each other. That is, in order to achieve success, you need to constantly develop your player. Better yet, do it with friends. It will be not only more efficient, but also more fun.

Character classes

The game has eight classes of characters. Warriors here are called Asuras, and robbers are called Rakshasas. Maidens act as mages, and Jaks act as paladins. Here there is a traditional tank - Nag and a healer - Gandarva. Tantra Online also features Cymnars, who are Amazons in armored bras, and Garudas, who are debuffers.


In its appearance, Tantra Online is very similar to the old Lineage II, only in a more stripped down version. Here are the same simple textures and primitive models, boring vegetation and the surrounding nature. The gameplay also has a lot in common with Lineage II, however it is much smaller. Tantra Online has significantly fewer weapons, monster varieties, and armor options. As game modes, team and individual battles, joint grinding and duels are available here.


Thus, Tantra Online is a classic representative of the Korean second tier. However, lovers of the Indian world may like it.

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