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Taris Land
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TarisLand is a cross-platform fantasy MMORPG from the largest Chinese corporation Tencent. Players are assigned the role of brave adventurers who will find themselves in the thick of the war that has broken out on the continent of Taris. Stylistically and in terms of gameplay, TarisLand resembles a graphically advanced version of World of Warcraft, which is not surprising, since the latter is no longer represented on the Chinese market. In TarisLand, you can choose a race and character class (about five races and all classic archetypes are represented). The developers promise a large well-developed world, an interesting plot and all kinds of PvP and PvE activities. TarisLand will feature a large amount of equipment and skills, and the combat system will follow the classic targeting system. Despite the fact that the game is being created for mobile platforms and PC, a separate client with a redesigned interface and controls is waiting for the PC version. In addition, at the testing stage, there was no auto-battle in TarisLand.

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