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TERA M game review

TERA M is a mobile spin-off of the original PC version of Tera by Netmarble, which was announced on August 2.

According to the company, the project contains all the key features of the original, including: classes, crafting, world bosses, a non-target combat system, Unreal Engine graphics and the classic division into roles of dd, tank, heal, along with a group system for passing dungeons. The plot will be different from the original, since the action here takes place over 900 years.

In general, it is quite difficult to present a more promising project for mobile devices on the site of Tera M, because it can compete with most of even the most promoted IPs, including Lineage, Overhit and others. It remains only to hope that the developers do not kill the game with donations and fulfill all their promises.

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