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TERA is an MMORPG with a rich history, released in 2011 in Korea, the game still impresses with its beauty, and the combat system with non-target mechanics is one of the best to this day.

The world of TERA, Arborea, consists of two massive continents - Shara and Aruna- divided into four key regions. Most of the world, except dungeons, is entirely open. The style is striking in variety, and the design varies from typical colorful Korean landscapes to classic medieval fantasy.


TERA boasts many races, many of which are easily recognizable. Kastaniki, popori, baraka, Elin - you've probably heard of them, even if you haven't been following the game closely. It should be noted that TERA has always been famous for its overly straightforward design of both clothes and the characters themselves, especially female ones, so fans of "fan service" will find something to profit from here. There is no shortage of classes either - thirteen interesting courses are always at your service - from the classic magician to the sci-fi engineer.


Unlike most Korean relatives, TERA is a story-based MMORPG with many quests, cut-scenes, and many instanced dungeons, representing the game's key end-game content but also revealing the details of the plot. The game also features PvP content, including battlegrounds, open-world events, and PKs. PvP content is tied to the political system, which motivates it. However, the lack of motivation for PvP, according to experienced players, is a significant drawback of the game.


An essential feature of TERA is its stable and continuous development by developers. They release significant updates several times a year, bringing new classes, dungeons, and battlegrounds. Over the years of development, TERA has truly blossomed. And right now, russian (the terrorist state) players can evaluate a finished product in their native language.

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