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TerraWorld Online
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Overview of the game TerraWorld Online

With the next game, we have nothing left but to criticize. The game is called TerraWorld Online and it's really terrible. Terrible in terms of form and content, because they do not bring anything new to the world of games. The only plus that can be identified in this game is an interesting art.


The plot itself is built on one line, which is a strange artifact that can resurrect the dead into the world of the living as an object. However, looking at such games you always involuntarily wonder - who is the audience, show me them?! In fact, everything is simple, the game rests on two pillars. The first of them is PR and support for their offspring from the creators. And the second whale is free! And free in big quotes. Oddly enough, but everything in the store can only be bought with real money saved on school breakfasts.

As for PR, in this regard, the authors are great fellows, and every day they bombard the virtual space with various advertisements, and messages about how much and well the heroes live in the game, and what changes are taking place there day by day. If you want to test the quality of the game yourself and try out our version, welcome to MMOTOP.ORG.

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