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Terrayn game review

Terrayn is an interesting voxel sandbox based on Minecraft, which we wrote about on the MMOTOP.ORG website many times. It also offers a completely open world and many interesting activities. In particular, Terrayn has the ability to dig holes, build buildings and create real mountains. You can do this both independently and in teams.

Game structure

The Terrayn project includes four large kingdoms, which are also factions. It is within these factions that players have the right to unite in groups. The gameplay here is focused on crafting and terraforming. Thanks to this, in Terrayn you will be able to build real cities with shops, fortresses, hotels and restaurants. In these settlements, you can even create your own dungeons. At the same time, it must be remembered that everything built as a result of long-term work will most directly affect the world around us. That is, if you create a lake, then later it can lead to flooding of the neighboring village. Conversely, you can build a beautiful house, but after a short period of being offline, there may be ruins on the site of this house as a result of the actions of other players.

If you do not want to join groups, then the developers offer you the opportunity to access the API and create Java scripts. So you can create your own minions who will do all the dirty work for you, from excavation to construction.


According to the developers, a single Terrayn game server will be able to accommodate many thousands of users up to a million. Maybe this is true, but now the main task is to find these thousands of players who will play on the server. This can be a problem, as only $300,000 is planned to be spent on the project, which may not be enough.

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