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The Epic of Tia
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The Epic of Tia is an isometric PvE MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy setting. The project is being developed under the leadership of the Chinese company Netease and can offer players hardcore gameplay, a large world, opportunities for exploration, crafting, social interaction and completely open trade between players. Fully open trading means that all items will not be bound to the character upon receipt, but will be freely transferable.

Other features of the game include: high difficulty, leveling up monsters with your level, because of which even killing a sheep will not seem so easy to you, three starting character classes (Swordsman, Archer and Wizard), a huge number of abilities (more than 200), a system subclasses, 9 talent lines and 18 class-exclusive skills, elaborate world and NPCs.

In general, one thing can be said, players have been waiting for an interesting, hardcore, multiplayer PvE game for a long time, so let's hope that Netease does not let us down and we get a really AAA-class project as a result.

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