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The Frigate is an arcade-style domestic pirate MMORPG that challenges players to take on the role of the captain of a ship with a gang of desperate thugs and set sail across the unknown seas in search of fame and fortune.

And although the game looks clumsy and clumsy in places, arcade fans should still like its three-dimensional picture, realistic physics (ships do not just sink, but fall apart) and good gameplay. The world of The Frigate consists entirely of islands, often with fortresses on their territory. These fortresses can be plundered and destroyed, but only after several hours of pumping your ship on various sea monsters - the main suppliers of gold and experience.

Without a campaign, piracy is not so fun, so there are a large number of guilds here, every now and then arranging extensive battles with dozens of combat "vessels". And in order not to accidentally shoot down allied troops, it is possible to put your own or clan emblem on the sail.

In general, domestic developers did their best by releasing an interesting client-side office game that can kill time for hours on end. Plus, sometimes, on the game website, the best in the ranking are given Steam keys for free.

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