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Skies is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG with a non-linear storyline. The project is being developed by a studio from Luhansk Eforb and has already managed to collect good reviews on Steam even at the early access stage.

The story of the game takes place at the beginning of the 21st century, when solar activity has increased dramatically. In two weeks, the world collapsed, all power sources, governments and infrastructure of cities were destroyed. Mankind descended into darkness... And only 150 years later, the sun's rays illuminated the Earth, launching a new round in the development of mankind.

Of the features of the game, one can single out a large open world - 12 square kilometers, which they promise to expand to 200 in the future. An interesting role-playing system, where, based on the decisions made, the appropriate choices will appear in the dialogues. Many types of earnings from employment as a worker in a factory, to hiring people and running your own business. Well, what about any sandbox without crafting? Weapons, uniforms, construction, trade items - everything is available to create with your own hands.

But the PvP in the game is quite peculiar, there are both clan wars and regular skirmishes, but the most interesting, it seems, are the battles in arenas with several modes: capture the flag, save territories and survive.

In general, according to the editors of MMOTOP.ORG - The SKIES has great potential even at the early access stage, which distinguishes this project from many similar games in this genre.

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