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The Stomping Land
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Review of the game The Stomping Land

The Stomping Land is a dinosaur free PVP game. The action takes place on a vast prehistoric island, and the main characters are serious Indians in tattoos. Each of them is directly a prehistoric superhero, capable of finishing off any dinosaur with one shot. But in order to use a shot of such power, you need to work hard with an ax, since the world of Stomping Land does not provide for comfortable excesses, and therefore, all the benefits of civilization in the game are created by your own hands.

As a rule, all labor activity includes cutting trees and chiseling stones, but almost everything can be made from these two components, for example: a spear, a bow, a wigwam or a bolo. Already at this stage, the hardcore look of the game will appear. The bottom line is that in Stomping Land there is no inventory at all, and in order to bring a bundle of firewood to the place, you will need to drag it on a rope through the forest, however, another Indian can also be dragged with the same rope.

The Stomping Land has all the joys of free PVP. So, you can tie up any other player and then cut him down, and if you don’t cut him, then identify the unfortunate one in a cage and make fun of him in the chat. But still, the main opponents in the game are dinosaurs, the number of species of which is very diverse. Each species is given a certain territory to live in, while some reptiles are extremely difficult to find, the art of tracking in traces and excrement will help here.

It is recommended to hunt herbivorous dinosaurs, as carnivores can kill even the strongest with one bite. You can try to pit predators against each other, and then finish off the winner using an arsenal in the form of whistling and smoke arrows, as well as arrows with paint. In addition, the gameplay will allow you to tame a dinosaur and hunt with it.

Summing up, we can say that the game impresses with a variety of features and originality.

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