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The West is a browser project from the German studio Innogames and DEFA, offering players a measured gameplay stretched for weeks and even months, semi-automatic gameplay, an extensive set of social features, good graphics, and a large number of character development branches.

The path to fame in The West starts from an ordinary lazybones in rags, who is ready to take on any job, whether it's a scarecrow in the garden or putting up posters. Herding pigs or cattle still seems like an unattainable dream and it will take more than one hour before you can take on such a responsible task. And in general, work at first is the main occupation for the near future, and its availability here is determined by labor points, which grow as the character develops.

And what, in the game you can only work? No, but it is the work here that is the key fact in getting the level, at least at the start of the game. In addition, for its implementation, the reward is not only experience, but also things such as handcuffs, feathers, beans and others. Such a set may seem useless, but many employers are willing to hire them, plus, you can always take junk to a store and exchange it for an old dollar.

At first, development in The West is like a boring farm of money and experience, but everything changes when you move to a large city. There is much more work here, better pay, builders, soldiers and workers are always needed. Accommodation here is paid and you can only stay in hotels. But if you are “their own”, then you can always spend the night for free, and even get a discount at the nearest store. With the move, as a city dweller, duels become available to you, which are a good way to earn money. You can challenge the enemy to a duel in someone else's saloon bar.

In general, players go to The West not for adrenaline-filled gameplay, but for unhurried and unobtrusive gameplay that attracts fans of slow development and long games.

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