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Today it is difficult to imagine a game world where there are no fights, murders, quests, and so on. Each game creator tries to adapt to the largest audience. Therefore, today the existence of social games in general sounds especially strange. It's amazing how the game There, which was presented to the world in 2003, that is, 12 years ago, has survived for such a long time and remained relevant. Of course, it is impossible not to note the fact that the game would probably have remained in the past decade, however, sponsors - the Makena company actively promoted this game and improved it, therefore, today it is only moving forward with big steps.

Thus, social games replace reality for us, which is especially important for introverts. These games completely copy our social life, in all its directions and areas.

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At the beginning of the game, you are invited to create your own avatar, and it will be three-dimensional and a name. Further, you can equip your house to your own taste, design a building and so on. You can buy vehicles and luxuries, both with virtual money and with what you can pull out of your wallet.

In addition to testing yourself as a designer and architect, the game also invites you to go to the tennis court, drive football with the boys, even create a film yourself, imagining yourself as a director. In total, the game offers about 14 islands, and many different small islands. Once upon a time, in the era of the absence of social networks, about a million users participated in the game. Today, of course, the ranks of connoisseurs of social games have noticeably thinned out, however, you will not be alone in the game.

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