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Therian Saga
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Therian Saga is a cartoony MMORPG from French developers in which the gameplay is asynchronous (that is, the hero independently performs tasks while you go about your business) and has a well-developed crafting system.

Also a key feature of the game is the ability to create and manage several characters at once. Each protege has a supply of energy, which he spends on individual tasks and replenishes by eating a variety of cookies.

The elaborate crafting system in Therian Saga makes it possible to create unique things by combining numerous skills and ingredients. At the same time, the production of legendary equipment here requires not only the presence of specialization in a certain area, but also cooperation with other players.

Otherwise, Saga is a classic browser-based MMORPG with dungeons, quests, and slow, linear progression. Why linear? Because there is a class imbalance here. Although no one will prevent you from creating, for example, a hybrid of an alchemist and a knight, you definitely won’t “drag” it.

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