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Three Kingdoms is a fantasy-themed browser-based MMORPG developed by IT Territory and published by The project is based on a series of works by Yuri Nikitin, and the plot is built around two fictitious conflicting Slavic principalities: Artinia and Kuyavia.

At the beginning of the game, we have to choose one of six classes. It can be: the Magus - commanding the forces of the elements, the Knight - a tank hung with armor, the Robber - a master of two swords, the Pathfinder - a ranged character with increased characteristics of accuracy and agility, the Warrior - having increased resistance to the elements and having great stamina, as well as the Sorcerer - a magician , capable of destroying enemies with powerful curses and spells. The classes have significant differences from each other and are nicely balanced. So, for example, each of them can be each other's sworn enemy: the Magus the Enchanter, the Pathfinder the Magus, and so on.

Another significant plus is a large number of spells, which are divided depending on the type of magic, as well as a large number of various attacks and combos. The battles themselves are turn-based and do not go beyond one arena, but can take place with the participation of up to 200 people. The prize for winning is a local resource - "fame points" needed to purchase rare and unique items of equipment.

In general, Three Kingdoms is still one of the most popular browsers today, mainly due to regular updates, a pleasant attitude towards the community and a small amount of donation, which allows you to play safely without investing money.

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