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Overview of the game TIRAS

TIRAS is a free-to-play isometric browser-based MMORPG developed by CreaGames that challenges players to defend the northern continent of Tiras, the only refugee refuge after the destruction of the Attar continent.

Among the possibilities of the project are: the classic choice of one of the three classes: assassin, mage and warrior; full 3D with a medieval spooky atmosphere; WASD key control and even dodging enemy attacks; pumping system with the choice, improvement and combination of skills; as well as dungeons, bosses, and a feature to steal their skills.

In general, if you have been looking for a suitable interesting browser for a long time, then TIRAS will come in handy, since it is not much inferior to client MMORPGs, having a large number of features and a simple plot in its arsenal.

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