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Titania Online
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Overview of the game Titania Online

Titania Online is another MMORPG made in classic fantasy style. This project was created by the Taiwanese game studio Lager Network. Recall that this company was engaged in the release of a rather popular and interesting game Dragon`s Prophet, which we previously wrote about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The development of the project began 4 years ago. However, during all this time, its authors have never mentioned it. Therefore, more or less complete information about the project appeared relatively recently.

Game features

Despite the fact that Titania Online was created in Taiwan, it is based not on Asian, but on Western European myths. True, the authors managed to significantly transform the classical European mythology, so you will not see much realism here. Before starting the game, users can choose one of two opposing factions. These are the wards of King Arthur - the angels of Dawn Curia and the wards of Darwin - hordes of demons in the company of scientists. Both of these factions are fighting each other for the right to own the energy of the World Tree. At the same time, this tree for some reason began to fade and lose its strength.

Game classes

There are three classes in Dawn Curia Titania Online - Archer, Cleric and Fighter. Of course, this is not the most diverse and interesting choice. However, as practice shows, in a successful scenario, any network project is sooner or later replenished with new classes and other interesting things. Therefore, it is not worth judging too strictly and filling the game.

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