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Tormgard is a domestically produced browser-based RPG, made in the form of a “table-and-text relic” with an imitation of the classics of board games with dice. The plot of the game lies in the continuous journey through the kingdom of Tormgard, battles with various creatures, pumping your character and collecting a collection of items.

The battles in the project are turn-based battles in which the characteristics and equipment of the characters are compared, and the element of surprise is implemented using a die. The one who wins the battle receives the enemy's loot, of course, the winnings can be accumulated in the inventory. You can sell the received items in the city, then the accumulation of the knocked-out loot will continue.

The adventures of the characters in the game are presented in the form of tables with comparative characteristics and walls of texts. That is why the project may not appeal to a large number of users, but for those who played Fight Club, Tormgard will appeal, despite the specifics of the game in question.

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