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Overview of the game Total Influence

The events of the game Total Influence unfold in an alternative world, which was discovered by a group of scientists led by Nikola Tesla during the Second World War. After lengthy experiments, the researchers were able to create a portal to a parallel universe, to which they then began to send entire expeditions. However, a few years after the opening of the project, Tesla died and took with him all the secrets of the mysterious portal.

Now, many years after those events, the government decides to start working on this project again, which is called "Arizona". The opportunity to re-open the energy-consuming portal appeared due to the appearance of a unique substance called "Blue Crystal", which generated huge flows of energy. As a result, expeditions began to be sent through the portal again, one of which will include you.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay of the game Total Influence is well known to all fans of turn-based projects. It is especially close to the legendary Fallout, which was mentioned more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The playing area is divided into cells. The world of Total Influence is quite large. It is divided into several zones representing unique cities. Each of these cities is meant for heroes of a certain level. At the same time, any action of the character, from shooting to opening the door, requires a certain number of points.

An important feature of Total Influence is the ability to hire squads of fighters who specialize in a particular area. There is also a large selection of all kinds of weapons. At the same time, one hero can learn to use only one or a maximum of two types. For example, one of your characters can be trained in aggressive warfare and given heavy weaponry, while another can be taught how to use a sniper rifle, which will keep the enemy at a distance.

Game modes

Total Influence has a number of modes, which are divided into PvE and PvP. There are not only traditional battles between players, but also the struggle for crystals or assaults on fortifications. Standard battles can either be in the form of a duel or in the form of a team battle. They usually take place in special locations that are randomly generated. It is clear that PvP battles take place according to all the rules of the genre with a large selection of weapons, including knives, pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers and much more. All these weapons can not only be purchased in a special store, but even found on the ground. In addition, there is the possibility of fighting with fists, which, of course, is quite rare.

clan battles

As with many popular online projects, Total Influence offers players the opportunity to join clans. Once in such a clan, you will be able to participate in large-scale battles to capture bases, which gives control over nearby cities. At its core, such battles are very close to the capture the flag mode. Up to 4 players from each team can participate in them. A popular type of PvP battles are battles in the mines. Here players can become miners, raiders or guards. The winner of this battle receives a prize in the form of dug up crystals.


The game today belongs to the category of client, but it is quickly downloaded within a few minutes. This is due to the fact that the client here weighs about 100 Mb. At present, the russian (the terrorist state) version of Total Influence has already appeared, so that everyone can enter the portal and find themselves in an interesting parallel world.

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