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Overview of the game Transverse

In 2014, the trailer of the Piranha Games studio released their new MMO project about space battles "Transverse". The video did not show anything new or beautiful - for example, a piece of a starship shootout and a get-together in a bar. The graphics are poor even for a short production, what will happen in the game itself? This is not shown to us so as not to scare away potential customers, since funding relies on site visitors. The official page contains the details of resetting money to the developer fund. Money is coming, but Piranha Games responds only with promises. But the planned release was canceled, moving it almost to 2315. By the way, this is the date of the events taking place in the game.


The plot revolves around the uprising of the colonists against the discredited earthly government. Expansion into deep space at that time advanced quite strongly. Accustomed to new conditions, the colonists have changed a lot; they even got a nickname - synths - because they became frighteningly different from earthlings.

Having lost a short strife, the synths, not very upset, returned to their periphery, but far from everything was decided. And now the scenario of the game "Transverse" will shed light on the events that will take place in the Fringe galaxy, where Johnny, the main character, has been brought by fate.


The Sci-Fi genre is as relevant today as it was fifty years ago. Players are tired of looking back at spear-wielding savages, they are attracted by the flight of scientific fantasy, the wonders of advanced technology and the cold, many-eyed gaze of merciless darkness. What is there - beyond the borders of the universe? And there is free-to-play, crafting starships and a new combat class of hunters for other people's experience.

You will have to accumulate skill points in your own body, in special containers, and death can suddenly make these containers available to the nearest marauder. As for crafting, it is known that the ability to upgrade will definitely extend to the characteristics of starships. The outfit of the character is still in question, as well as many other things, because information about the gameplay does not yet exist. Follow the news on MMOTOP.ORG if you want to stay up to date.

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