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Tree of Life is an exploratory sandbox game focused on building villages and towns together. A curious feature of the gameplay is the development of the game world, regardless of the activities of the players. So, trees grow in the game, forming huge forests, new dungeons appear, monsters evolve, which are subsequently able to build their cities.

The project's building system gives players the ability to single-handedly or co-create huge settlements with farms, vegetable gardens, industrial buildings, and fences. Fences are needed to protect against groups of nomadic monsters that appear as soon as you accumulate a large supply of resources. But at the same time, no one will prevent players from attacking the settlements of monsters for the purpose of personal enrichment.

The higher the level of development of the village, the more perfect the buildings that appear in it, which are needed for the production of rare items. Creating a really worthwhile thing in Tree of Life is not an easy task, so the desire to become the owner of a rare item can cost a huge amount of resources. Sometimes special items for crafting can be in other regions, so along with building and looting, you also have to travel.

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